About Us

Regina Callear and family
I have had a long love affair with animals starting in my youth as I always had pets growing up. I started showing dogs 30 years ago and was a founding member of the local kennel club that began in Athens, PA. I moved to Vermont in the 1980's and worked as a manager in newspapers. While there I worked with a large greyhound rescue group. 

When I was offered the opportunity to purchase a boarding and grooming kennel in Vermont, I jumped at the chance. It was just the job for me! I shipped my daughter off to grooming school and upon her return we began our own dream business.

We have attended many training seminars put on by the American Boarding Kennel Association in order to learn new and better ways to care for pets. Several years ago I decided that I needed to move home to "The Valley" where we purchased Pony Express Kennels. 

We work hard to give great care to our boarders and spend lots of time with them.  In order to always improve our knowledge of pet care, we attend yearly seminars and informational on-line sites.

- Regina Callear