Dog and Cat Boarding, Grooming, and Day Care  
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Here at Pony Express Kennels we offer Facebook photos of your pet during their stay (as time permits) plus extras like cooked chicken for those finicky eaters and bed-time treats.  Blankets are washed prior to your pet leaving.  Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience working in the pet care industry

Rates as of April 1, 2019 by calendar day

 Boarding- $20 per day per dog (this includes exercise time)
Dog Kennel View

$13 per day per cat

 Day Care- $16 per day 

Long term rates (35 days and over) are $16 per day per dog and $10 per day per kitty

 Ask about multiple pet discounts!

Boarding Hours:
Mon-Fri  7am to 10am and 3pm to 6pm (after 10am and after 6pm are considered an additional day)
 Sat  7am to 10am
 Sun 4pm to 6pm

Drop-off or pick-up outside of our business hours are available for a $10 fee Mon thru Fri.  Saturday evening and Sunday morning pick-up will be charged a 2 day week-end rate.  Sunday morning drop off will be charged the $10 out of hour fee.
Fees for giving medications:
$1.50 per day
$2.00 per day for shots
 Trips to the Vets will be charged $10 per visit plus 50 cents per mile.
You are welcome to bring  your own pet food, we do have food available at a fee of:
 $1.50 per day for dogs
 $1.00 per day for cats (litter is provided)
Cat Boarding
As an added service to insure that your pet has a pleasant stay we encourage you to bring them for a few hours on a day prior to boarding so that your pet can be familiar with the surroundings. This is a FREE service offered for the benefit of your pet.  This free service is available Tuesday-Thursday.

Payment is expected when pet is picked up.  Any payment made outside of pick-up will be subject to a $5 per day fee.  Cash or credit only for first time clients.  Non payment will be prosecuted.

8% NYS Sales Tax is charged as mandated by the state.

******************************************************  CANCELLATION POLICY

Pony Express Kennels prides itself on the care your precious pets receive here.  Lately, a number of new clients are reserving space but failing to arrive for their boarding appointments.  This impacts other clients that would like your spot.  Based on this, if a client makes a reservation and does not call to cancel but instead just does not come, they will not be welcome to board here in the future.  

Requirements: Proof of current Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough.…….FOR YOUR PET'S PROTECTION ASK YOUR VET ABOUT VACCINATING AGAINST CANINE INFLUENZA

Ranger and Regina

Here at Pony Express Kennels your pet is our main concern.  We offer boiled chicken for those picky eaters and Essential Oils for Anxiety.  We are always watching for anything that we feel is out of the ordinary for your pet and contact your vet quickly.  We are dedicated to you and the pet you love.

Exercise is important for your pet! We have two large exercise areas!

Here at Pony Express we place a strong emphasis on exercise for each pet that is a guest here. Exercise is a great way to maintain a minimum stress level for the pets especially while away from their owners. Exercise is included in the daily rates for each boarder because we feel that a healthy dog is happy dog and a happy dog makes a happy owner!